Product Warranty

The wooden components of your garden house have a special 5-year warranty, the parts of the product have a 2-year product warranty. Detailed warranty conditions are described below. The warranty for parts fixed or replaced during the warranty period ends with the warranty deadline expiring for the product as a whole.

  1. General provisions of the Warranty:
    • The Product must be purchased from the Manufacturer or the official dealer of the Manufacturer (hereinafter: Seller) and the end consumer (hereinafter: Buyer) has to have settled the invoice for the product by the time a warranty case manifests itself.
    • The Buyer has to make sure that the product is selected based on the intended purpose and that the house is suitable for being set up on the planned spot (for example year-round use as an office, etc.).
    • The warranty period starts with the product being given over to the Buyer after the accompanying documents have been signed. For the warranty to be valid, strict compliance to the erection instructions is necessary. Modifications to the Product or parts of it need to be approved in advance by the Seller.
    • Warranty cases may be possible errors in the construction of the product, defective and/or missing components, unless such a case is excluded from the warranty in point 2.
    • During the warranty period, the Seller needs to be immediately notified of an apparent defect to the product, but not later than five days after discovering the defect. The basis for an appeal is that the Buyer presents a photo/photos, description of the defect, the article number of the product and the manufacturer’s serial number (the number is marked on the control sheet and on the label on the package).
    • Warranty liability only covers replacing a defective part that needs to be replaced due to the warranty. The Seller and the Buyer will agree on the nearest possible delivery time and location. Warranty liability does not cover transportation, erection, time or communication costs which were incurred detecting and erecting the defect. The Seller is not liable to the Buyer or any third party for any costs due to or related to a deficiency in the product.
    1.7. The Seller retains the right to process the case longer than 14 workdays, using the help of experts according to the Seller’s wishes, for identifying:
    • whether the product has been erected according to the erection instructions;
    • whether any circumstances precluding the warranty obligation, described in point 2, exist.
    1.8. The Seller has the right to demand the compensation of costs due to processing an unjustified reclamation.
  2. The warranty does not apply:
    2.1. To damages due to improper storage after the product has been given over to the Buyer (storage open to weather effects, in contact with the ground, in heated rooms) or to damages due to transportation or erection. Damages on transportation (if the product is given over to the Buyer at their location) that can be fixed to have taken place before the handing over of the product (before being loaded down from the car), need to be fixed with a photo and the data needs to be forwarded to the Seller.
    2.2. To errors in erecting the building:
    • If the erection instructions were not adhered to in erecting the building;
    • If the prevailing weather conditions (strong wind, snow, ice, rain) that can harm the product, have not been taken into account when erecting the building;
    • If the distance between the upper edge of the foundation or the first wall detail of the house and the ground is less than 45 mm;
    • If the outer edge of the lower wall row is not installed outside the outer edge of the foundation (5 mm is required);
    • If the base frame is not level and straight;
    • If no moisture barrier is used between the foundation and the structure;
    • The warranty does not cover the sinking or rising of the ground due to it freezing and thawing in the case of Fibo blocks;
    • If the product is not immediately after erection finished from both sides with a wood preservative, including the doors and windows, for avoiding changes in colour, warping, swelling. In choosing wood preservatives, a specialist/paint seller needs tube contacted;
    • The product is not sufficiently protected for its preservation against weather conditions, for example with roofing and retaining slats, anchors, storm protection mouldings or other such accessories, if these are not included with the garden house;
    • Fixed objects have been attached to the walls, which prevent the normal curing, shrinking, sinking or expansion of the area (this needs to be taken into account when fixing a storm protection moulding’s nut as well);
    • In installing the roofing boards, the expansion room (1-2 mm required) is not taken into account;
    • To roofing felt (if this is in the garden house kit), which is meant to be used as an underlay for the roofing material.
    2.3. To peculiarities in wood as a natural material:
    • Dilatation, shrinkage (less than 5% in width or thickness) and tone differences, twisting, curving of the details that do not prevent installation;
    • Product parts having whole/ingrown branches not affecting the stability of the product;
    • Unplaned surfaces on floor and roof boards, wane and branches that have fallen out, if the boards can be installed so the named defects would be hidden after finishing (for example, by turning the boards);
    • Fallen out branches with a diameter of up to 20 mm on product parts, including if these occur at the edges of the product details, but are not visible after finishing;
    • Small gaps or cracks in the details of the product (as a result of drying), if these are not pervasive and do not endanger the stability of the structure of the product;
    • Resin nests on product details.
    2.4. In the case of finger-jointed wood details being present in the product.
    2.5. To damage caused due to natural wear (for example the wear of floorboards or the threshold).
    2.6. To insulating glass/glass that has been mechanically damaged by the Buyer, broken or thermally broken (the glass may thermally break if the temperature difference between the glass and the insulating glass’s central and hidden periphery exceeds a critical value).
    2.7. To reasons related to normal physical phenomena (such as condensation on windows).
    2.8. To product damage due to unforeseen circumstances (such as vandalism, floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes).

Buyer loses their right for a warranty, if:

  • The Buyer has not checked the volume, completeness and quality of the product and its details while receiving them, during a reasonable time after receiving the product and definitely before starting its erection.
  • The defective components are already installed or painted, but defect would have been detectable during inspection. The detected defect needs to be fixed in accordance with point 1.5.
  • The Buyer has presented wrongful or insufficient data to the Seller about the product or the warranty case or the Buyer lacks the documents verifying the purchase.