privacy policy

The information contained in this privacy policy applies to the personal data of a natural person, but not to the data of companies or other legal entities or institutions. The information also applies to the personal data of all natural persons engaged in professional and professional activities (e.g. employees of a company or organization). If you communicate with us as a person related to a Business Customer, we will also register and use personal data about you.

In the course of our activities, we collect and use personal data about you in order to provide you with the best service, advice and solutions and to fulfill the contracts concluded with you.

We protect your data and privacy in all the ways prescribed by the applicable law.

For what purposes do we process your personal data?

Baltichouse Production processes the customer’s personal data in connection with the performance of the contract for the following purposes:

  • Identifying the identity of the client for the purpose of fulfilling and guaranteeing the contract;
  • Communicating with the client for the purpose of fulfilling and securing the contract;
  • Responding to customer inquiries and requests;
  • Preparing and sending invoices to the client;
  • Managing and analyzing the customer base in order to improve the availability, selection, quality, etc. of goods and services and to make the best offers to customers;
  • Fulfilling a legal obligation, for example, fulfilling an accounting obligation;
  • Other processing based on the legitimate interest of Baltichouse Production, provided that the legitimate interest of Baltichouse Production does not outweigh the rights of the data subject.

What personal data do we process?

If you contact Baltichouse Production for a service or to purchase goods, we have to process data about you, which also includes personal data. The personal data we process about you depends on the specific contractual or pre-contractual relationship between you and Baltichouse Production. The personal data we process about you may include the following data:

  • First and last name;
  • Social security number or date of birth;
  • Identity document data;
  • Contact information (address, e-mail, phone number);
  • Other information related to the contract (time of execution of the contract, price, payment information or other information specified in the contract).

Baltichouse Production has the right to check the correctness of the personal data you have published and to collect additional data about you from public sources. Baltichouse Production does not under any circumstances collect data about you from non-public sources.

Transmission of personal data

In certain cases, Baltichouse Production may transfer your personal data to third parties in the European Economic Area. Baltichouse Production may transfer your personal data:

  • If you have asked to do so;
  • If required by law;
  • If you have given your prior consent;
  • If you do not fulfill your obligations to Baltichouse Production, we may disclose your personal data to credit rating agencies and registries;
  • If it is necessary to develop, maintain and ensure the continuity of IT systems;
  • To cooperation partners of Baltichouse Production, to whom the transfer of data is necessary to fulfill or guarantee the contract concluded with the client, for example to cooperation partners dealing with construction notification and geobase;
  • If you submit a request to conclude an installment contract, Baltichouse Production may transfer your personal data to the installment payment providers of your choice, with whom you wish to conclude a contract, and who in this case will be the controller of your personal data for the purpose of fulfilling and guaranteeing the contract concluded with you.

Storage of personal data

Baltichouse Production stores personal data in a form that allows you to be identified only as long as it is reasonably necessary based on the purpose of collecting personal data or justified due to Baltichouse Production’s legitimate interest, provided that Baltichouse Production’s legitimate interest and infringement on the rights and freedoms of the data subject are balanced.

When storing personal data, we observe the following retention periods:

  • We store the data collected for the conclusion of the contract as long as they are needed in connection with the performance of the contract during the validity of the contract, until the end of the warranty period or up to 3 years;
  • We keep the original documents related to accounting for 7 years;
  • We store the data collected through requests made through the website for 1 year;
  • The information obtained through website cookies is stored for 540 days.

After the retention period has arrived, personal data stored in paper form will be destroyed and electronic personal data will be deleted. If you would like to receive more detailed information about which retention periods are applied to the personal data stored about you, please contact us using the contact details provided in the “Contact” chapter.

Other provisions

The law in force in the Republic of Estonia applies to the privacy conditions.

Your rights

Getting to know your personal data

You can familiarize yourself with the personal data collected and used about you, their sources and the purposes of their use. You can get information about how long and what data we store about you. Your right to access your personal data may be limited by applicable legislation, the rights of others to ensure their privacy, and the needs of our operations. Our know-how, trade secrets, internal assessments and materials may also be non-public information.

The right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, including if we rely on our legitimate interest in processing the data. You also have the right to prohibit the use of your personal data for direct marketing.

Correction or deletion of data

If your data is incorrect, incomplete or inappropriate, you have the right to request correction or deletion of the data, taking into account the restrictions arising from the current legislation and the rights related to the use of the data.

Restriction of data use

If you find that the data we have collected about you is not correct, or if you have objected to the use of the data, you can request that we limit the use of that data to retention only. The use is limited only to storage until it is possible to establish the correctness of the data or check whether our legitimate interests outweigh your interests.

If you have the right to request the deletion of the data, you can instead request that we limit our use of the data only to its storage. If we need the data collected about you only to enforce or defend legal claims, you can request that the data is not used in any other way than by storing it. However, we may have the right to use the data in a different way if it is necessary to enforce the claims or if you have given your consent.

Withdrawal of consent

If your consent is required for the use of data, you can withdraw this consent at any time. We draw your attention to the fact that if you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to offer you certain services. We will also continue to use your personal data, for example, to fulfill the contract concluded with you or based on the requirements arising from legislation.

Data portability

If we use the data based on your consent or agreement and the data processing is automated, you have the right to receive a copy of the data you have provided in an electronic machine-readable format.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, questions about how Baltichouse Production processes your personal data, or if you want to submit requests related to the processing of personal data, please contact Baltichouse Production by e-mail, phone or mail at the following contacts:

Baltichouse Production OÜ

Address: Lossi 42, 71007 Viljandi, Viljandi County, Estonia

Phone: 5502900

Email: [email protected]