Baltichouse Production – experience since 2005!

Baltichouse Production started producing modular houses (dwelling houses, summer houses, warehouses, industrial buildings) in 2012, but we have sold and installed them for the last 9 years. The satisfied customers live mostly in Estonia and Finland. Of course we also offer the full service, if there is such interest – this means the whole work from designing the house and getting the building permit to the “ready-made” installation.

Since March of 2010, Baltichouse Production is the only authorised sales representative of Lasita Maja AS in Estonia. For our clients, this means that the shipments are faster, our available stock is a lot bigger than all other competitors and that the quality of the products we offer is a lot higher – in the of 2007, the manufacturing company received the quality management certificate ISO 9001. Most of the standard houses on our website are in the stock all the time, this means that we have to constantly keep more than a thousand garden houses in stock, but for our clients, this means the most convenient and the best solution possible.

The Baltichouse product range includes many different milled bulk garden houses. The wall thicknesses for these houses are as follows:

  • Lasita products with 28 mm ; 34 mm ; 40 mm, 44 mm, 58 mm and 70 mm.

  • Garden houses with a wall thickness of up to 28 mm, have one groove, houses with a wall thickness of 34 mm or more, have a double groove on all the wall beams, the material used is spruce.

  • Our own produce starts with 92 mm and ends at 250 mm. We produce round and faceted machine logs, we also craft mountable houses with a wall thickness of 200 mm or more.

In case, you are not able to find a suitable product, then let us know – we are positive we can get it done as a special order. If you so wish, we also offer transportation and installation for the building, up to “ready-made” solutions.

The costs for installation are usually less than 25% of the cost of the garden house or the vacation house, for bigger houses, the cost for installation may be even less than 10%, for more detailed info, it is easiest to just send us an inquiry.